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  1. K’s Net Zero Journey to the Wizard of COz – YouTube

K’s Net Zero Journey to the Wizard of COz

Join K, on his fantastical journey to find out real challenges faced by us all in the quest to Net Zero and a more sustainable future. Gain insights into the challenges and need for granular – and live data for the quest to improve our personal and packaging Carbon Footprints.

What is required to be on a journey to carbon net zero?

Join K on a 40-minute journey to net zero taking into account –

  • Why is K on a journey?
  • What are the benefits of packaging?
  • Do different packaging materials have limitations?
  • How does the circular economy work?
  • What is meant by the end of life?
  • What are the likely requirements of governments, businesses, and consumers?
  • What watch outs regarding greenwashing, green hushing, & green wishing might there be?
  • when not to use averages?
  • when to use carbon offsetting?
  • what is CO2e?
  • who developed CO2e?
  • how to save money and CO2e in packaging?
  • how to get started and use life cycle assessment?

Narrated by Tim Barbary